Monday, May 14, 2012

ELF Red Velvet

Happy Belated Mother's Day! I hope it was a fantastic one for you. My boys took good care of me. We went to Ikea and I got a new desk to use for a vanity table. Sadly, it can't be set up until we move. Fingers crossed I can show it to you before August ;)
I selected this polish using a method I will be trying out for at least another week. I asked some of my friends and family to pick a number and I used the corresponding polish from my google document. My friend Sam was up first and she picked 58. This is ELF Red Velvet. I have NO idea if this is the new formula or not. I got it in a gift set for Christmas and I don't own any other ELF polishes other than the 5 bottles in the set. Anyways, the application was dreamy. The brush is a little shorter than I'm used to and slightly wider than China Glaze but narrower than OPI. The first coat dried lightning fast but the second coat took ages. You can see the nick in my ring finger which happened a good half hour after application. There was significant chipping on the second day :/ I still enjoyed the color and application was easy enough that I would definitely consider purchasing more ELF polishes.

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