Saturday, August 11, 2012

Butter London Lovely Jubbly

So hey, I'm back. Long time no see. Sam was here last week, she actually left almost a week ago. And as you can imagine, lots of fun times were had and many bottles of polish were purchased. This was one of them. It's one of my first Butter London polishes. I saw this on the Fall 2012 press release and I was like hmmm, how close is that to a China Glaze Prismatic. Answer is: very similar. The finish is very very close to that of the pristmatics. The glitter is a little more fine and the formula was a little frustrating. On my index finger is three coats, the other three are four coats. I had to let each coat dry completely or the glitter would clump up and be deposited at my tips. Not cool. It's a gorgeous color though and totally worth it. I also used a new topcoat - Revlon Colorstay. Of course using it with a glitter is not going to give me a fantastic idea of how well it works but I really needed a new one.
Now that the actual number of swatches doesn't matter to me, I'm considering posting more on this blog than just nail swatches. I actually have other hobbies besides nail polish but I'm not sure if I want to blog about them here or not. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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