Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Pan November Update

It's hard for me to believe I'm even writing a November update for my project pan! Three months and I've had progress to share every time! I wore makeup a lot at the beginning of the month but only a few times in the past three weeks, while I was getting over a sinus infection.

I finally hit pan on my ELF studio blush in Tickled Pink! I think this happened like 2 days after I posted my last update so the pan grew a lot. I still just love this blush but I'm excited to get to wear some of my other favorites more frequently.

I also finished up my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. This was a great tinted moisturizer and I definitely recommend trying it out if you are interested. I probably won't repurchase because I'm more interested in trying out other things. My method for applying was using a damp brush (which is my go to method with most foundations). I liked MAC Fix+ on my Sigma F80 but I've also used just plain water and ELF Mist and Set and both worked really well.

As for the products going into the basket, I chose three to get me back up to five products in the basket. Coincidentally, all three are ELF products. First up, ELF Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder. For $1 this is a nice powder. Not the most finely milled, but it gets the job done and provides a little bit of coverage as well. I'm just looking to hit pan on this because I would like to keep it in my collection. I also have the ELF Essentials Hypershine Gloss in Bubblegum. I got this in a set of 5 a while ago and I'm just not impressed. They all smell very plastic-y and don't have a ton of color. All 5 will probably go through the project pan because while I'm ready to be rid of them, I'd actually like to get some use out of them. Lastly I have the ELF Essentials Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee. It's not a bad eyeliner, I'm just not wearing eyeliner very often so I'm looking to pare down my stash of them.

Overall, my progress this month has made me more excited to keep going. Last month wasn't working for me but I think this month will be good. My makeup purchasing has slowed significantly in the past three months. I'll probably have a few new things to show you at the end of December since it's both my my birthday month and Christmas but I'm pretty proud of how much I've been able to curb my spending. I even went to the CCO at the beginning of November and walked out with nothing!


  1. Good luck! I am also on a Project Pan except I am doing 20 items. eeeh :( Its going to be hard but I just have way too much! I just started a blog and I'd love for you guys to check it out and give me your input! http://thecrazyhousegirlfriend.blogspot.com/

    1. I'll definitely check your blog out. It's definitely difficult. It helps that I've allowed myself a just a couple items since I started. I don't know if I'll make it to 20 items, I never really set an end date or item count for myself.