Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TV Time

Before we had MonkeyToes, we had a TV schedule. Every week we watched our shows when they aired. We had a lot of shows. After he was born, we lost all sense of time and just couldn't keep up with the TV. We spent a lot of time watching shows that were on DVD. We've just gotten back into watching a few things as they air (like normal people) but we always appreciate having something new to rent and watch. So here are some of my favorite shows if you are looking for something that's still on the air or you can just rent.

Seriously, this is definitely in the top 5 of my favorite currently running shows. It's so freaking hilarious. If you've never watched before, Modern Family follows three connected families, mockumentary style. All three families are actually related and the show highlights how family doesn't mean our picture of traditional family any more. Hands down, my favorite character is Phil Dunphy. This is the first show we've started watching again at it's regular time.

Eureka is actually off the air now but it's really really fantastic. The show is about a secret town filled with geniuses that get to build futuristic stuff for the government. There is always something going wrong in Eureka and it's up to Sheriff Carter to fix it. You don't have to watch all the seasons in order. There is a plot to the story but not all of the episodes majorly depend on it and it's easy to get the gist of the plot if you need to. My favorite character is Deputy Andy who appears later in the series.

 I just had to include this one. I have the whole series on DVD and I can watch it over and over. The Tudors was a drama on Showtime about King Henry VIII. This show captures everything we imagine the king and his court to be. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is PERFECT. My favorite of the queens is Anne. Every scene is lush and full of beautiful details. As I said, this was a Showtime drama which should tell you a few things. 1. The episodes are LONG. 2. Probably something you should watch when kids/prudish people are in bed.

BBC's Sherlock isn't a series in the traditional sense. While most have 20+ episodes per season, Sherlock has three 90 minute episodes per season. And it's just incredible! They have succeeded in bringing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to 21st century London. The episodes are clever and witty. The second season is a take on some of the more popular stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We devoured these over a weekend and actually rewatched the last episode just to make sense of it. Even if you aren't sure you will like this, I recommend trying a couple of episodes. My boyfriend thought he would hate it but he was totally hooked.

Can you tell I love historical fiction? This is another British drama. Downton Abbey is about the Crawley family and their servants. Robert Crawley has three daughters and the show puts a big focus on the drama of who will inherit Lord Crawley's titles and estate when the time comes. Maggie Smith is awesome as the Dowager Countess and provides comic relief at the best times. Honestly, I was worried this would be slow and boring but it's so much fun to watch! This show is technically in it's third season but those episodes won't air until January for the US.

If you try these shows and enjoy them, let me know! We haven't watched anything I would recommend in a while so if you know of something I might like, let me know!

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