Thursday, October 24, 2013

Candles By Victoria Haul #3

Ok, so technically I bought these during the AUGUST 1st sale. Yes, August. But I still wanted to show you guys because it's been quite a while since my last CBV haul. I didn't get around to making a video for these so I'll do my best to be concise and short with my descriptions. I've also included a number rating. ALSO, CBV got a new website recently! I'll link my scents to their respective pages on her new site so you can see the official description as well as reviews from other people.

I chose to go with minis this time because they have become my favorite size to try out new scents. Affordable but a great throw and plenty of burns to allow me to form an opinion.
Left to right, top to bottom
Stress Relief - I bought this because it's the most often recommended for headaches. As the name implies, it's super relaxing. I love it and I'm definitely considering getting it in Bath and Body products as well. (4.5)
Rice Crispy Treats - I think this smells dead on for perfect rice crispy treats. It's sweet and has a hint of butter to it. (4)
Serendipity - This is my favorite of all the new scents I ordered this go round. It smells like crushed maraschino cherries, coconut and a touch of nuttiness. So basically the basis of every fruit based salad I had as a kid. (5)
Sweet Snow - This was the other scent everyone reccommends for headaches. I like but not as much as Stress Relief. I'll give it a shot for Christmas though because I think it will be really well suited for that. (3.5)
Emperor's Love - The product this is duping is one of my favorite products from that particular company. Victoria's scent smells perfectly like it. Dried fruits (raisins, currents, blackberry) and light florals. (3.5)
Marshmallow Banana Dream Cake - This was the only one I'm not too keen on. The banana and cake get lost behind an overwhelming powdery note. I'm hoping that they come out more when I burn it. (2)
Honey Spice Cake - Fall in a jar! Very spicy and warm with pumpkin in the background. It smells good enough to eat. (5)
Irish Cream - I'm not much of a drinker but one of my favorite liquours is Irish Cream and this smells exactly like it. Good strong coffee, some sweet creaminess and a touch of alcohol. It's something I'd have to be in the mood for but it's a really good cold weather scent. (4)
Bora Bora - I wasn't planning on getting this one but because the reviews were so great for it, I got it and I'm glad I did. It's just a really tropical, juicy fruit scent. I can't pull any specific fruits from this but I highly recommend giving it a shot. It's awesome! (4)

I also got a Cylinder Candle which is very similar in size to the Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles. This is the scent Bath Time With Pooh, which is currently my all time favorite scent from CBV. I'm actually burning the last of my mini jelly jar of it right now. 
I always try to include one of the specialty decorative candles, since they're what drew me to CBV in the first place. It being fall time I got one I've been lusting after forever, the Maple Butter Pumpkin Frap. My boyfriend was actually more excited if possible because he loved how seasonal and fall like it is. It smells strongly of pumpkin, cinnamon and butter with a touch of coffee in the background.
My free scent shot was Sunburst. It smells like Sunny D. Just a super strong, slightly sweetened orange juice scent. Not my favorite but not bad either. (2.5)
So that's it for my August CBV haul! I promise I'll try to not these get so far away from me next time! 


  1. Nice haul! I haven't ordered any cbv for myself in so long lol. My aunts are getting cbv for xmas though :)

    1. I've been slowly plotting an order for a few days now but I probably won't order again until after Christmas. :(