Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inspiration: Master Bedroom

I would love to give you guys a tour and post pics of what I'm working with house-wise but we are still in the purchasing process. After it officially belongs to us, I will post pictures. Until then, let's all just use our imaginations.

I have a pretty clear vision for what we want our house to look like. I've been looking for one piece to embody that style and make it easier to pick things to go along with it. But I haven't found it it yet so I'm just going to throw out some words for you and hope the pics in each inspiration post give you the idea.
For the bedroom, I'm going with blues, slate grey, silver, bone and maybe some sandy colors. We are trying to hit beachy without also going into kitschy. I gravitate more towards modern than traditional and I think that will help prevent it from looking like a beach house.

When I said modern, I meant it! We decided to go with the Malm line of furniture for our bedroom. We already have the Kullen dresser and the Malm desk for my vanity set up. We decided to go with the higher bed and two three drawer chests instead of the two drawer chests for nightstands (the Malm nightstand is not compatible with the higher bed). I wish we could do the rolling headboard storage thing but I don't think that's compatible with the taller bed either. We haven't decided between the longer 6 drawer dresser and the taller 6 drawer dresser yet.

 I'm in love with this duvet from West Elm. The pattern is big without being overly commanding. It's definitely feminine without being so girly that it intimidates my boyfriend. On top of that, the blue is exactly what I was looking for.

I love the look of a couple different throws at the end of a bed, which is good because we have to have one. The boyfriend has a favorite throw and would be devastated if I banished it from our bedroom. It's a slate blue microfiber throw so I think adding an off white or gray chunky knit throw would be beautiful! This one is from Pottery Barn but it would be simple enough to make. I'm undecided on whether I'll buy or make one.

A couple of pieces we already picked up from World Market: the Mediterranean Sea potpourri and this turtle bowl/tray thing (which apparently discontinued? image via Houzz). I know the potpourri looks very beach house but I think it's acceptable since it's not like I'm doing a ton of beach house things. I still need to find a bowl or something to put it in. The turtle tray will be on my vanity, probably holding my project pan stuff! I love turtles but again, trying to keep from venturing into kitschy beach house, so I will be trying to limit myself. I love that this one is silver because I love silver above all other metallics. I just feel like it goes with everything!

As far as artwork, accessories and all of that...I'm at a loss. Maybe a light gray for the walls? I also need to figure out what I want for flooring before we move in. Obviously, I won't be setting out to finish this in a week or two so I've got plenty of time to figure out more of what I want for smaller items. Any suggestions?


  1. Go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and get something in dark brown wicker. The color will go and it will be nice texture against your modern furniture. Let's go shopping when I'm home for break.

    1. Sounds like a plan! I'm excited to get to have more time with you when you get home.