Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's Chat

As I said in my last post, I'm very aware that I've not blogged with any frequency lately. Part of that is, in fact, technical problems. But combine that with being so freaking busy, I've not been wearing a ton of makeup or even doing my nails this month, well... I just don't have any makeup or beauty related posts to bring you between project pan updates. I'm hoping to rectify that situation in the next few weeks.

Even if I start posting more makeup and nails posts, I have to admit there are several other topics occupying me. We are preparing to move and it's a combination of extremely stressful and super exciting. We will be going from our apartment to first time home ownership! We will get to do all the fun home improvement stuff like painting and decorating but we also have a lot of the not so fun home improvement stuff to take care of as well. I'd like to start writing about that as well.

In an effort to get back on the blogging train, I'm going to be posting once a week about something not makeup or beauty related. I promise than in addition to those posts, I will be working on posts actually about what you are here for. I just don't like being boxed in. There are so many things I enjoy and would love to write about and I don't want to have lots of one topic specific blogs. Maybe one day I will figure out how to separate them via different tabs (and different feeds). But for now we will have a mishmash of what's going on in my head.

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