Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project Pan October Update

Another month down! I've been wearing less makeup lately but I still have some progress to show you.

 I hit pan on the ELF quad and I'm so glad! It's not that I hate this, but I started to miss my other shadows. That far left highlight shade is crap. It's so hard and what I can get from it is not very pigmented and mostly dusty. I'll still use this as I do really get use out of the other three but I subbed in a different highlight all month long.

I've known all month that I need to make a change to this project. Five products doesn't really leave me with many options to branch out, if I use all five for my face of the day. In trying to come up with a product to replace the ELF quad, I was less than thrilled. I was trying to keep it 3 things to use up and 2 to hit pan but ultimately, that's just too restrictive for me. So I figure I have a few options: leave it at 4 products, pick something regardless of it's a pan or use it up product, or try something totally different. For the totally different, I was thinking I could add a side project to this where I challenge myself to use one palette everyday for a month. But once I started trying to figure out the rules for that idea, I scrapped it. It doesn't really go with my whole keep it simple plan. So for now, I'm dropping down to 4 products. I may change that next month but for now, I think that's the way to go.

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