Friday, October 12, 2012

Current Wishlist: October 2012

I could make a lot of excuses about why I haven't been blogging lately. I could explain to you that it's difficult to come up with something to write about when you are using the same products over and over. I could even tell you how I've been so busy since fall is our favorite season around here and October is the birth month of MonkeyToes. And if I really wanted to push you over the edge I could lament my computer being 2 years old and the screen dying, forcing us to rig up the boyfriend's 6 year old laptop to just be able to check Facebook. But let's not get into that. :)
With the holidays around the corner I figured I could show you a couple things I've been lusting after lately. Now is the time when my family starts Christmas shopping and my birthday also happens to fall in December. Plus with this limited purchasing thing I've been doing, I have the urge to buy new stuff!

1. OPI's Skyfall Collection
Swatches of these are just starting to appear online and they are incredible! Check them out here and here. I'm going to skip You Only Live Twice because I have something way too similar. But they are looking awesome and I love that OPI did actual Bond names instead of doing silly puns. There are still a couple I want from the Germany collection but as soon as I see these, I'll be picking up a couple.

2. New ELF products
It's been over a year since I've made an ELF order and there are a lot of new things I want to try. No matter how much I'm loving Benefit, MAC and other higher end products, ELF products always attract my attention.

3. Holiday 2012 Gift Sets
Swoon! I love holiday sets! They usually give you a great opportunity to try out a ton of new products for a great price. And of all the holiday sets, I fall the hardest for the Benefit kits. I'm a Benefit fan girl and the packaging is ADORABLE. I've never tried Tarte but I've always wanted to try their blushes and that kit seems like a fantastic place to start. I've also been wanting to try a ton of new perfumes but I can't commit to a full size bottle without using a sample first. The new Sephora sampler has four in particular that I've been wanting to try: Coach Poppy, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur, Marc Jacobs Dot and Prada Candy.

Hopefully my dad can fix my computer so I can get back to blogging regularly. I really kind of missed it. Any other holiday releases that I might have missed and would love?

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