Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Polar Purple

Surprise! Another Sally Hansen Magnetic, this time it's Polar Purple. It was a surprise to me too. My boyfriend had it waiting for me when I got home from a baby shower on Sunday. The man knows his way to this girls heart! So this was still a learning experience for me. I definitely had to re-do a couple nails because either I didn't get the design all the way across the nail or I didn't leave the magnet on long enough. Basically, I discovered the longer you hold the magnet over the nail the more defined the design is. This was probably 10-15 seconds per nail. I still did manage to touch the magnet to the nail a couple times. You can see it there on my pinkie. Overall, it was a little more frustrating the second time trying this. It's probably because I was over thinking it. Oh well. It still came out nicely. And I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and finish swatching the rest of my Sally Hansens so stay tuned for that!
33 days until Sam gets here!

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