Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sally Hansen Parchment

I picked up this polish after I saw it on Stephanie of Short 'n Chic wear it. She used it for a glitter sandwich with OPI Rainbow Connection, a glitter I love but hadn't been able to figure out how to wear. This is three coats and there is a very visible nail line. It's definitely a great polish for anyone who enjoys/has to wear nudes. This is my first from the Complete Salon Manicure line and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the brush or not. For most of my fingers, it made it so so much easier. My pinkie was another story altogether. I struggled to not let the polish pool in my cuticle. It won't deter me from buying any more from the brand though.
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  1. You should try using it for a glitter sandwich! I don't really like sheer nudes.. I don't think I've found the right one for me yet lol.