Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nails Inc. Sweets Way

My very first Nails Inc polish! I saw swatches of these Sprinkles polishes months ago and vowed to get all of them. When Sam and I went to Sephora they were out of a couple and of the few they had left only two appealed to me. Sweets Way is blue, pink and white glitter in a milky blue base. Application was just fine, three coats to opacity but this sucker is top coat hungry. My only complaint is that the cap makes the brush a little awkward for me to hold. This is a unique color (at least in my collection) but it doesn't completely wow me like I thought it would. I'm still happy with it though.
Can anyone else believe September is almost half over already? Summer seemed to drag on and I was so happy when we got to fall but now it's going too fast. Seriously, September through December is my favorite time. Plus Fall and Holiday nail polish collections are always my favorites!

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