Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Up and Up Dip It Nail Polish Remover

In case you couldn't tell I really like glittery nail polishes. But they are so hard to remove. For a while I had been using the foil method of removal but my friend Sam told me I had to try the Dip-It from Target.

The Dip-It is a container with little brushes around the sides and it's filled with acetone. You stick your finger in it and let it soak for a few seconds and then rub it against the brushes to remove the polish.

It works very well. Is that a surprise? It is a lot quicker than the foil method. The little bristles do a great job of scraping away polish and glitter. Everything is contained in a cup and you don't end up with residual polish on your cuticles and glitter all over everything. There is one downside to this though.
This method drys out my nails, cuticles and finger tips, which should not shock you since it is acetone. The little bristles actually kind of hurt and damage my cuticles. They need a little more care and cuticle cream after I use this method. (Keep in mind, I have a very very low pain tolerance so it's probably not all that painful for most people.)
Ultimately, I'm lazy and while the Dip-It takes less time, the foil method requires less scrubbing on my part and the acetone doesn't get all over my fingers. I'll keep this around and continue to use it because it's not bad but I'm only using it for glitters.

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