Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeup Storage and Organization December 2012

Are you excited?! Seriously, I love these types of videos and blog posts. If I haven't said it enough times, we are moving this month! That means I will have a new vanity and probably completely different storage for the new year. So let's get started!

 This is my setup! The vanity is very old. My mom gave it to my sister and me at least 10 years ago. It just has one drawer, a mirror that tilts and a stool. The dresser is the Ikea Kullen 5 Drawer Chest. It's really nice and will definitely remain a part of my setup after we move.

The top of the vanity holds my brushes and other things I like to reach for daily. The clear vases are cheap and from Ikea. Eye brushes on the left, face brushes on the right and dirty brushes go in the mug, which probably came from Walmart. Then we have Burt's Bees cuticle butter, Lush bubblegum lip scrub, three setting sprays, and a rogue cotton ball. The back container used to have makeup removing wipes but now it holds foundations and primers and my tweezers. The little basket is my project pan basket! The spoolie is just out because I hate hunting for it in my other brushes.

 The drawer holds my palettes and sharpeners. The palettes are an ELF 32 palette, my MAC palette, Benefit Sugarlicious, UD Naked 1, the old UD Feminine palette, 88 Warm palette (this seller but my palette really doesn't look like that), and UD 15 Anniversary palette.

Top of the dresser I keep body sprays, lotions, some skincare products, perfumes, deodorant, my jewelry box, a box of recently purchased nail polish and my favorite Mainstays Fresh Linen candle. I also have a plastic lid, so I don't have to put foundation on my hand and a mirror from Ikea.

Left side of the top drawer. Along the back I keep lipsticks, powders, and small eyeshadow palettes. The front is lipglosses, blushes and concealers and lipbalms. The baskets are from Walmart.

Right side of the top drawer. Across the back, eye primers and cream shadows, Rimmel palettes (I won all of them in a giveaway) and my MAC shadows that need to be depotted. In the front, lipliners, eyeliners, and mascaras. The little boxes are actually boxes that little blocks of velveeta come in! (No food actually touched the boxes)

Second drawer is all polishes. I have my two favorite brands on opposite ends, China Glaze and OPI. In the middle I have random brands, Orly, Ulta, Zoya, Sally Hansen, ELF, Butter London, Deborah Lippman, Nicole By OPI, and Essie. In the back I have page reinforcers for french tips/half moons, Sally Hansen polish pen things (they have brush tips and I'm not a big fan of them), top coats, base coats, thinner and Sally Hansen polish strips.

The third drawer is kind of random. I have manicure supplies in the green bag, qtips and a spare makeup bag. The cardboard boxes are Birchboxes. I have (very out of date) polish swatch wheels, makeup I don't like or don't have a place for and unused swatch wheels. The clear boxes are from Walmart. From the left, spare brushes, samples galore!, and extra tools and such.

The other two drawers are junk and storing boxes, brush rolls and the like. I have no idea how my storage will end up in the new house. The vanity will have more storage and I need to make a decision on how to expand my polish storage. If you have a video or post of your storage, comment with a link so I can see!

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