Thursday, December 13, 2012

OPI Moonraker

The rarely seen right hand! So this is OPI Moonraker, which is part of the Skyfall collection that I've been lusting after. My boyfriend got this and a couple others for me for my birthday (I'll post them in a haul after Christmas). Of the whole collection, I was most looking forward to Moonraker. It was such a unique silvery blue almost liquid metal type of shade and I knew I at least had to have this one. The color is stunning but the formula is so disappointing. I did 6 coats on my left hand and 4-5 coats on my right. It was so thin but it clung to the brush. Even waiting 5 minutes between coats, I had dragging. Maybe it's my technique or maybe I just got a dud. Either way, I'll try again eventually because I just love this color! We watched Moonraker after I put this on and I actually really loved it! I guess whenever I hear the name James Bond I think Roger Moore, even though this was the first Bond movie I've seen with Roger Moore as 007. So Moonraker the movie totally lived up to my expectations but Moonraker the polish was disappointing. Did anyone else have this problem with the polish?

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