Monday, May 13, 2013

My Vera Bradley Collection

I am not, and never have been, big on most things related to clothes/shoes/bags. But when I was pregnant with MonkeyToes, my sister introduced me to Vera Bradley and I've been basically obsessed ever since. I can understand that they aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love my Vera bags. There are so many pretty patterns and so many bags to meet anyone's needs. On the downside, they can be quite pricey, so I don't have that many but they are fantastic quality.

My very first Vera was the Baby Bag in Peacock. My sister gave it to me as a baby shower gift and until very recently, I used it every single day. It's big and roomy and has pockets for everything. It really is a fantastic baby bag and it will probably continue to serve as MonkeyToes' overnight/longer stay bag.

I recently upgraded to the Mom's Day Out in my favorite new shade, Plum Crazy. Toddlers require less stuff so it's nice to have a smaller bag that fits our needs a little better. It still has lots of pockets to hold all the little things. Plus it's got a cross-body strap which is definitely my preference when it comes to bags.

You've already seen one of my smaller Vera's before. My mom got me the Mini Hipster in English Rose for Christmas. It's a nice mini purse for just the essentials. I also have the Strap Wallet in Rhythm and Blues. It fits into my baby bags but has a cross-body strap for when I'm by myself and left my Baby Bag at home or something. The zip pocket on the back holds my phone and keys. Speaking of keys, when I saw this years summer items, I knew I had to get the Seashore Keyring in Sun Valley because it's shaped just like a turtle. It's bigger than expected but it definitely makes finding my keys easy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Vera collection. Does anyone else like Vera Bradley as much as Jenn and I do?

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