Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review and Swatches

My favorite eye shadows, hands down, come from Urban Decay. They are always buttery, easy to use and just plain awesome. I have four palettes from them and it's high time I showed them some bloggy love. Two of them are discontinued and two have been talked to death in the beauty community so you may not discover anything completely crazy and new in these posts. Still, I'd like to give each one it's own chance in the spotlight as they really are quality products.

First up is Naked Basics. This little palette is the newest in Urban Decay's Naked line, released during the last holiday season. I really resisted getting this for a long time. I kept telling myself you have other similar colors scattered through other palettes, just make do. But I had a coupon to Ulta plus a lot of points racked up so I allowed myself to get it.

And you guys, this is legit. I'm in love. It's better than I imagined. First of all, on it's own, you can get a multitude of great neutral looks. My favorite is simply Walk of Shame all over the lid, Naked 2 through the crease and Venus as a highlight. I also love using Faint either as a liner or to deepen up the overall look. Same with Crave!
But the thing I love about Naked Basics most of all is that it's a great sidekick to basically every other palette I own. These shades fill in the gaps that other palettes might have. I rarely ever want an eye look to be all shimmer but so many palettes are lacking a good matte or at least satin finish shade. This is so convenient to pull out and add that one shade you need to complete a look.

Of course the quality of Naked Basics is typical Urban Decay. Every shade is pigmented and buttery smooth. They blend fantastically. These swatches are on bare skin, no primer. I know my swatch of Foxy looks lackluster but it's so so close to my skin tone (inside my arm, not on the lid).
Honestly, this palette deserves all the hype that surrounds it. Even if you aren't much of a neutral wearer, these shades are basics (hence the name) and will help along any look. The quality of Urban Decay eye shadows makes $27 a bargain for shades you will reach for constantly. I haven't done my makeup without this since I got it.
What do you think of Naked Basics? Are you curious to see what the other three palettes are? ;)


  1. Ugh!! I've been really resisting getting this palette, now you're gonna make me go stalk Ulta tomorrow. As if they don't already see enough of me. Thanks a lot :(

  2. I've been thinking about getting this palette for SO long! It looks amazing :D

    1. I don't know why I waited so long to get it! I've used it every single time I've done my makeup since I got it.