Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Review/Swatches

Here it is, the last Urban Decay palette I have to show you, the 15th Anniversary Palette. It's one of those things in my collection that I keep around because it's a showstopper. The packaging on this is GORGEOUS. The lid lifts off, has a full mirror inside and that lovely filligree detail along the sides. If you don't have this, I'm really really sorry. This was limited edition, released Summer 2011. Still, feel free to drool over the following pictures.

I won't harp on about Urban Decay eyeshadow formula too much, considering this would make the fourth time I've talked about it but a couple things to note. While I do have struggles with UD's glittery shades, this palette has some of the worst offenders. If I'm going to use this palette, I do eye makeup first, remove the fall out and then do face makeup. That doesn't stop me from loving this palette the most.

The shades are a mix of neutrals and brights, with lighter, more glittery neutrals on the left, brights down the middle and darker, smokier neutrals on the right. By now you know I'm not much of a brights gal. Even so, I love playing in the shades from this palette that are out of my comfort zone. I know there are a lot of people who hate UD's various Midnight iterations but I love the two in this palette, Midnight Rodeo and Midnight 15. Overall, it just makes me giddy when I use it and I'm so glad I splurged on it when I had the chance.

So, that's it! Do you have this palette and love it as much as I do? What's your favorite UD palette?

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