Monday, January 21, 2013

Current Wishlist: January 2013

I know, I know, Christmas wasn't even a month ago. But we are well into the Spring collections and I've got Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket. Besides my last wishlist post was 3 months ago. So let's take a look into what I've been lusting after recently.

1. Legit Asian BB Creams
I've tried a few American BB creams and I can't imagine they are anything like the Asian BB's. No one would get this hyped up over these formulas. They're nice but not what I was hoping for. I've been reading Musings of a Muse for BB reviews and I think these are the ones I want to start with. If you're curious, these are Skin79 Gold Super Plus, Skinfood Aloe Sun, Holika Holika Peach Girl, and Holika Holika Moisture Petit.

2. New Drugstore Goodies
It has been so long since I've gotten excited about new things at the drugstore but it seems like every brand has something new I want to try for Spring 2013. Cover Girl has their Outlast nail polishes, Outlast foundation and Lipperfection jumbo gloss balms. The concealer crayon from L'Oreal looks awesome. I've never tried a Maybelline Color Tattoo but I want the new Barely Branded shade. And I love their Age Rewind dark circle eraser so I really want to try the dark spot one!

3. Perfume
I hardly ever wear perfume. 99% of the time I wear a body mist from Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret. I have one perfume that I love but it was discontinued a long time ago. I'm also one of those people who connects scents to memories and times in my life and I want a new one for this new chapter we have started. I've smelled all of these and can't really decide. I'm trying to decide between Kate Spade Twirl, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Coach Poppy, and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur.

4. New Eyeshadow Sets
I seriously don't need any more eyeshadows. And yet for some reason I really really want these. The Becca quad is super expensive but the name of it is Galactica and it's all colors I would use, so naturally, I need it. Everyone and their mom has the Lorac Pro Palette and I'm smitten. Mattes and shimmers of the same shade? I'm in. Again, I'm a Benefit fangirl and I've never tried any of their eyeshadows so I really want one of their new neutrals sets.

5. An iPad!
The only reason I haven't made any purchases since Christmas is that I'm contemplating getting an iPad. And obviously, I would get a Vera case for it, probably the tablet sleeve with a matching snap on case.We've wanted one for so long but now that it's a possibility, I'm hesitant to pull the trigger. We haven't bought anything this big for ourselves besides our computer in November. But it's so awesome and we miss the portability of a laptop. An iPad would be a great compliment to our desktop because it would do the things we wish our desktop could do. I'm one of those people who 1. struggles to make decisions like this and 2. wants things but struggles to part with large sums of money no matter how much I want something.

So that's it! If you have an opinion, let me know! As much as I want all of these things, that's just not possible. I'll be sure to post some kind of haul if I do make a decision. Is anyone else as surprised as I am that there is only one nail polish on this list?


  1. Replies
    1. I haven't seen too much of the spring collections for polish. From what I have seen, not a lot has really caught my eye. I am looking forward to holos from China Glaze for summer and I like two colors from OPI's Euro Centrale collection.