Thursday, January 24, 2013

OPI Skyfall

 Jenn wanted to see Skyfall next so here it is! It's a tad bit more vampy in real life but this is fairly color accurate. OPI simply describes this as a maroon. If you want a more exact color description, I say Skyfall is a vampy raisin red. It definitely falls into the oxblood trend that we saw in the fall. This was two easy coats followed by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat. A lovely color that I will definitely enjoy wearing. It's a nice change of pace to wear a cream instead of a glitter or shimmer color. It feels so polished and sophisticated. I'll definitely be trying the other creams in this collection next.
Again, I didn't get to see this movie but I've definitely missed my chance until it comes out on DVD. We had planned to go the week of Thanksgiving but we were both sick and wouldn't have been able to find a sitter anyways. We will definitely rent it when it comes out though!
Any ideas of what I should swatch after I'm done with the Bond polishes?

2/16/13 ETA: We watched Skyfall last night so I feel compelled to right a mini review of it for this polish. It was by far the most intense Bond movie I've seen but I absolutely loved it. It lacked some of the silliness of other Bond movies but I think this one really required that. I love Ralph Fiennes and I think Daniel Craig makes a fantastically modern and fresh 007. I was so distracted by the polish Sévérine was wearing, trying to see if I could guess what it was and I think it was this one but I'd have to double check. There was just something about the relationships between Bond and the other characters that I really loved about this one. Oh and I think Eve is my new favorite Bond girl!

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