Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beauty Bag Reviews

I know I can't give you full reviews on these products, but if you're interested, here are my first impressions on the items that came in the Fall 2012 Target Beauty Bag!

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner - So impressed! I tried this twice, once when I was letting my hair dry naturally and once when I was blowdrying my hair. Both times, my hair felt soft and smooth and was so shiny. Blowdrying, my hair didn't turn out as nice as it usually does. It was a little flat and lacked some of the definition between layers that I like. But I think that's fixable. I also suffer from psoriasis on my scalp and I did notice that I didn't have any symptoms after using this. I purchased a full size shampoo and plan on purchasing a full size conditioner.
Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner - Again, I used this once when I was air drying my hair and once when I was blow drying it. I usually like to use my more moisturizing products when air drying but this didn't really work when I did that. My air dried hair was frizzy and over moisturized. It wasn't weighed down and my ends felt nice but still, not a great look. When I blow dried my hair, it was slightly flatter than I'm used to but it felt soft and silk and stayed looking nice all day long. I don't usually have that, when my hair looks nice at the end of the day, so that was awesome. My only gripe about this is the smell. It smelled like the cheap shampoo you might get at a nicer hotel. A nice set but for the price, it didn't wow me enough to make me cool with purchasing a full size.

Jergens Daily Moisture lotion - I absolutely love this lotion! I'm not very big on lotion at all but this was so nice and hydrating. It wasn't as hydrating as I needed but that's ok because even when I did two layers of it, I didn't feel greasy at all. I really enjoyed the scent, it was light and clean and lasted a long time. I'm not currently looking for a new lotion as I have several that I need to use up but I would definitely consider purchasing this. 
Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer - The texture of this is exactly what I was looking for in a primer. It's not silky or silicone feeling. It's like a thin moisturizer. Then I looked at my hands and it looked like I had rubbed High Beam all over. My face did have an opalescent sheen to it that was NOT good in any way. But once I put all my other makeup on top, I was really happy with the way it looked. It was not flawless but my pores were invisible and my skin looked really nice. I am definitely considering purchasing this.

L'Oreal EverCreme shampoo and conditioner - I only had to use this once to know it's not for me but I had suspected before that sulfate free shampoo and conditioner wouldn't work for me. To it's credit it lathered up a lot more than I thought it would and the shampoo felt nice and moisturizing. Oddly enough, the condioner did not feel like it added any extra moisture to my hair. The scent wasn't horrible but it wasn't really for me. The thing that made me hate this though was that less than 12 hours later, my hair felt greasy and disgusting. It was like I hadn't washed my hair in a week. Yeah, I definitely won't be purchasing either.
L'Oreal EverCreme Deep Nourishing Masque - It felt nice when it was in my hair and after I rinsed it out but when my hair dried, it didn't feel any more moisturized or nourished than it did before. And again, just not a fan of the scent of these products, which is a huge factor for me. I won't purchase this.

I hope this was a helpful post! I'm considering doing more sample reviews because I have so many I want to use up. Would anyone be interested in seeing more posts like this in the future?

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