Wednesday, March 20, 2013

China Glaze White Cap

This beautiful gem is White Cap. Not one of the most impressive colors when you see it in the bottle, but it's one of the rare polishes I've actually considered getting a backup for. Ever since high school, I've been enamored with sheer white polishes. Nothing fully opaque, just sheer polishes that have a flash of something brilliant, like an opalescence or, in the case of White Cap, a fantastic golden shimmer. This is three coats and it's obviously still sheer but I'm over the moon for the way this looks on my nails. It feels like the polish a character in a fairy tale would wear. One of the great things about these types of polishes is the way they layer over other colors. They simply transform other polishes into something magical.

Swoon! This is over First Mate. It's just so pretty it hurts. And that's why I love White Cap. It looks pretty over basically everything.
So that's it for my picks from Anchors Away. Nautical is an interesting theme for a spring collection but all the colors fit very well. I would recommend any of these if you happen to come across them. I don't know how many are in permanent displays but if you can't find them in store, you should be able to find them on transdesign!

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