Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Candles By Victoria Haul #2

I hope you are cool with another CBV haul even though I just did one last week! This was the order I placed during the April 1st sale and it shipped super fast, just 2 days later. I probably won't place another order until at least June. For one thing, I now have quite a few candles to enjoy and really don't need any more. For another thing, they will be on vacation in May so I'm sure they will be quite busy and turn around time will be long. Again, I did a video review for this and I think that's the way I'll keep doing CBV reviews.

My free scent shot was Trix Are For Kids. It does really smell like Trix cereal. I don't really have a problem with Trix but I'm not sure I'd want my house to smell like it. I ordered Zucchini Bread which I'm on the fence about. I'd like to give it a warmer so I can give it a fair shot.

L to R, T to B, I'll Have What She's Having, White Nectarine and Pink Coral, Tokyo Spring. Bite Me, Cinnamon Donuts, Captain Crunch Berries.
I got another No Frills Sampler and honestly I love every single one of these scents. If I had to pick favorites it would be I'll Have What She's Having (a mix of her Bear Claws scent and her Chocolate Chip Cookies scent), Cinnamon Donuts and Captain Crunch Berries. But all of them are awesome!

L to R, T to B, Hurricane in Vanilla Bean Noel. Minis in Texas Summer, Granny's Pie Crust, Bath Time With Pooh.
The hurricane candle is for my mom, who fell in love with Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel and didn't think to get any extras before they were gone for the season. I chose to get three minis because I don't melt and these were scents I was more timid about. I shouldn't have been because I love them. Bath Time With Pooh is my favorite scent that I've tried so far from CBV. I'm planning on getting a big candles of that and Granny's Pie Crust in my next order.

I had to get a couple more of her cute candles. The bowl is a Banana Coconut Cha Cha candle and it smells like if you took a banana cream pie and coconut cream pie and mixed them together in a bowl. The glass is Hawaiian Colada Sweet Treat candle. I want all of the Sweet Treats but this one smells like a delicious fruity summery drink so it seemed seasonally appropriate!

And here's the video:

I'm loving all my new goodies but I'll definitely cool it on the CBV for a while. Anyone else smitten with her lovely candles?

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