Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zoya Aurora

I'm absolutely in love with this color! This is Zoya's Aurora. It's a sheer raspberry jelly with a scattered holo effect. I did two coats which does make it look a bit transparent but I kind of like the way that looks. Three coats would have been fully opaque but I was just too lazy for that. The formula was fantastically easy to work with. Overall, a great polish and one I would definitely encourage you to get if you are looking to jump into Zoyas.
This year, I sort of made it a goal to not buy as much polish while I'm trying to work my way through my swatches. Until now, that hasn't been too difficult. I've fallen so hard for China Glaze's summer neons collection though! Transdesign will have it on May 1st and I'm tempted to order 6-8 of them plus a few other polishes I've been lemming. I don't plan on resisting but I'm hoping to not go completely overboard. Considering how well that worked in March, we will see what I'm come up with. Any other summer collections I should be taking a look at?

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