Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My First Candles By Victoria Haul

I mentioned in my collective haul post that I had also placed an order with Candles by Victoria. Well I received it a couple weeks ago and they've had time to cure so I figure I'd do a review. I don't know that writing out a scent description would be helpful so I did make a short video review as well!

Victoria includes a free Scent Shot with every order! She gave me Kiwi Kicker, which is basically a straight up kiwi scent. Scent Shots are 2oz and are meant to be melted in a warmer.

L to R, T to B, Pink Sangria, Bahama Mama, Go Go Juice. Bella Swan, Blushing Peaches, Caramelized Pralines.
I decided to start out pretty simple with a No Frills Sampler, which is six 8oz candles of your choosing. My favorites are Bahama Mama, which smells like a pina colada, and Go Go Juice, which is a mix of her Mango Sorbett scent and her Strawberry Margarita scent.

I also wanted to get one of her pretty candles so I got a Blueberry Cheesecake Sweet Treat candle. It's sooo cute and it smells just like blueberry cheesecake!

I also made a video! I've never made a video before and I was very nervous so please be gentle with me :)

So that's it for my first CBV haul. I'll definitely post another one soon because I just received my April 1st order but it was way too many goodies to compile into one post. Has anyone else tried Candles By Victoria? Any favorite scents I need to try? 

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