Monday, April 22, 2013

Current Wishlist: April 2013

AKA: I seriously don't need any of this but I'm having a ton of fun window shopping. I really need to be on a spending ban. I'll apologize ahead of time that there is more sarcasm than I'm usually comfortable with in this post.

1. Brushes
I have a ton of brushes but I'm always looking for that one new brush that will preform miracles. I've been wanting two of the Sigma Sigmax brushes, the P82 and the F86. I also want some new blush brushes so I'm thinking of Sigma's F15 and/or MAC's 168 and the Real Techniques stippling brush, which I hear is good for cream blush. For eye brushes, I'm lusting after a MAC 217 and I just need to replace my spoolie.

2. Blushes
I have WAY too many blushes as it is. Regardless I've been wanting to try NYX's cream blushes and their regular powder blushes. I do have one Tarte blush but I'd love to get my hands on Exposed. I've never tried theBalm but blushes are a great place to start right?

3. Candles By Victoria
Yes, I just did a haul and I have another one to show you this week. But that's not keeping me off her site. I currently have 26 (!!!) of her pretty decorative candles and 50 scents on my wishlist. That doesn't even include the scents I've got and want giant candles of.

4. Foundations
I need new base products like I need a hole in my head. I have more than enough. But I want to try all of these. I've tried Matchmaster before and it's a fantastic full coverage, matte foundation. But I haven't tried any of the other four. Maybe when I use up one that I've got, I'll pick up one of these. (Because that's a fantastic policy)

5. Vera Bradley
The only thing on this list that I really need is a new baby bag. Specifically, a smaller cross body bag. And I've had my eye on the VB Mom's Day Out. MonkeyToes isn't really a baby any more and I carry around less stuff for him so I really need a bag that better serves our needs. The others are just because. I mean really, VB turtle gear? I have to get my hands on that!

So that's it! I enjoy making these lists even if I know I'm not going to run right out and buy everything on it. What's currently on your wishlist?


  1. I always support sarcasm. But you know that my blog is just overflowing with it. Sooo...

    1. LOL I know you do! I was just feeling particularly odd when I was writing this.